Japan Drinking Piss And Shit

Monster Shit Sausage For The Slave Mouth With Shit Eating And Brushing Teeth With Rosellas Special Toothpaste

Here was the next slave with me to visit my delights to receive and to fulfill his desire. He wanted to eat my shit and also with my shit, his teeth have cleaned, since he has this seen in my Video: Mega shit in the slaves mouth with shit eating, Piss drinking and brushing teeth with shit! So I had my asshole perched over his face and a monster shit sacked in his mouth. It was really powerful, but see for yourself! On the big shit sausage I pissed a little before the slave had to squeeze it. It took him eternally until he had eaten most of my brown food and he almost came to his limits. But I do not know a pardon. He wanted my shit and then he must eat it too! After that, the slave, still had to brush his teeth with my shit, Now he surely has super brown teeth! Lol

The Evening Meal

Mistress Melissa and present this evening to you, dear slaves, ready to prepare the meal. It looks delicious!

Toilet Slavery Continues

The lower breed is starting to learn his lesson. Mistress Mystique uses him continuously as Her toilet. Ordered him to eat it all and beg for more. With his useless cock locked away, really what other use is there for him but, to open his mouth to the Black Goddess’ ass!