Japan Drunk Shit

Jeans Pants Pee In Bowl

I have not peed in my pants so long. I missed you to pee in my pants. My bladder full, I really want pee. Baby, I will not go to the toilet, I will leak in my light blue jeans. After finish peeing I show you my wet jeans to the camera. I tell you to lick my wet feet. Perfect for you pee lovers!

A Lot Of My Shit And A Dirty Bath

One shit after another falls into a hot bath. Shit have excellent quality, shape and taste.I must immediately put in my mouth and bite my shit.My mouth is full of crap and I have to masturbate.The cameraman adds to my masturbation and both sighs with pleasure.He sprayed his cum on my leg in pantyhose and I have to lick cum…

Scat Caf’ At Your Service! Hd Full Movie

Full movie HD – WE ARE OPEN!!! Come on in and check out our SCAT CAFÉ.. Here you will be well served with your desire, whatever it is you like, it can be solid, slimy, squishy or fruity shit? We have it all, come by anytime and our beautiful and young servers are waiting for you! We don’t just serve shit, oh no… we also serve golden juice, freshly delivered from the urethra of our cute waitresses. Whether you deside to be serve on cutlery or directly into your hungry mouth is entirely up to you.

Dirty Gourmet Dinner

Today, however, one of the slaves was particularly lucky. With a fullbladder and a large dose of shit in the ass, Lady Chantal and MissCherrie came to the studio to surprise their overnight guest in his cellwith a nice slave breakfast.First he gets a big portion of scat from Lady Chantal to eat, then hegot the funnel with a hose in his slave mouth with the instruction toswallow only on command, both ladies filled the huge funnel successivelywith its bitter taste morning urine.Then he got the command to empty the funnel, thereby the ladys help theslave of course in their usual way.After a good dinner, what he had, he may even want a dessert forcompletion – so Lady Chantal pulls her beautiful red soaked tampon outand stuffs it in his slave mouth. He sucks, licks, and chews the tamponwith the delicious content!