Japan Girl On Head Put Shit

Mistress Gaia – Choked & Ass Smothered In Scat

ENGLISH SPOKENCUSTOM REQUEST – Suffocate SLAVE for a long time, like 40-50 consecutive secondes by blocking nose and mouth with your ass, and also the belt. He’s attached and tied down and unable to move. Smother him good, the slave struggles and gasps for air, but you just won’t let him to get any. You don’t move your ass from his face. The slave is trying to beg for you to stop sitting on his face, but you just won’t stop smothering him and become even more rude with him by farting more on him. Then shitting on him and facesitting more longer time…

25 Shitting Clips Compilation

This is a compilation that cuts out everything from 25 of my earlier clips and leaves just the ACTION. That means watching poop pushed out of my tight asshole 25 times, over and over. ——————————————————Some are runny, some are small and dense, some are thick and large! There’s lots of variety here and you’ll see it all! All Videos are 100% me! ————————————————These are from clips that I do sell in full individually, so if you’d like the full version of something you see, let me know, I probably have it for sale somewhere in the archives ;P 

Aria’s Late Night Rear Exits!!

Aria is back with four great new clips!!! Hands down one of my five favorites from day one, she is still bringing the great grunting, plopping, and straining action I have grown to love and made her one of my highest rated Funky Ladies!! Enjoy as she pees and ?Expunges? some nice water splashers out that juicy bubblebutt of hers! For great All action, no filler content!!