Japan Poop Leat Her

New Girl Lisa. Big Ass. 23 Years Old, Height 171

New girl Lisa. Big ass. 23 years old, height 171

Desperate Panty Poop

This is a desperation and panty pooping video. I am trying to get into the bathroom but the door is jammed. I shout and pull on the door as hard as I can because i’m getting desperate, and not for a pee! I pull on the door, grunting with the effort, hop around, jumping up and down holding my ass in desperation. Eventually I realise it’s going to come out whether I get into the bathroom or not, so I give up and just let it happen. A big, smelly log comes out and fills my panties, making me moan with a mixture of relief and disgust. I leave it there for a minute, holding my ass, and eventually I take the panties off, holding the poo in my hands. I act with disgust, holding the log away from me and scrunching up my nose at the smell. I spread my cheeks and look down at the big brown mess covering most of my ass, all rubbed into my skin. I am so embarrassed, it’s so gross!

Smearing And Playing In Bed

I got a new lingerie set, so what better way to show it off than by making a clip for you!Shitting on film makes me so horny. This time i put my shit in a condom and then stuff it inside my pussy. I love smearing it all over myself and then making myself cum, oops i got some in my pussy!*This is the shorter version and does not include the smokng fetish segment at the end of the clip

Shit Thick, Hard Sausage

Hmmm, again a thick hard sausage chocolates for you !!!