Japan School Girls Pooping Diarrhea

Hired Human Toilet For Private Party! – Part 1

As a human toilet, he is restrained to the portable toilet chair and expected to take whatever’s coming to him. The girls enter the room, one by one, and takes turns sitting on the chair, over his face.

Extremely Large Sausage Shitting In Pain

Wow, what a part! 5 cm in diameter, to get them out of extreme presses and even pain while pooping. What you want to see (s) more? 😉

Held It All Day

I wanted to have a nice big load for you to watch me push out, so I held out all day – just for you! There is no shortage of sounds and sights on this one – several plops and of course some loud wet farts. At the end, I let you get a close up look at the wipe. Enjoy!