Japan Thai Shit Cat Swallo

Human Slave Brutally Fed With Piss And Pussy! – Part 1

Upon seeing the clueless man who has accidentally wandered into her home, she keeps a close eye on him! By the time he realizes his mistake, she proceeds to immediately grab him and then bring him into a different room where she lays him on the floor and sit on his face! She smothers him with her crotch, but later stops to take off her panties! She then continues, this time, feeding him with her vagina! Eventually, she starts wanting more, so she puts him on a couch where she buries his face in between her buttocks using only her legs! Shortly after, she releases her hold and then lays him on his back! Then, without warning, she urinates on his face! Since he is in the middle of catching his breath, he couldnÂ’t prevent himself from getting piss inside his nose and mouth!

Ayumi Frontal Pooping

Returning with 2 quick scenes of pooping from the front!

Toilet Slave Gets All The Shit And Piss He Can Handle! – Part 3

After pouring shit all over the client’s face, she makes the woman eat her shit so those nutrients will never go to waste!

Olesya’s Bladder Is Filled With Lot Of Pee!

Olesya’s bladder is really filled with a lot of pee! And she cannot hold it much longer… She takes off her clothes and then knees atop of the toilet seat. You can recognize some splashes of shit at the edge of the bowl. But that doesn’t disturb her because she knows who has to clean it soon…! But first she wants to empty her bladder – and I hope that YOU have a lot of place inside your mouth! Because today you are a lucky guy and can drink all of her pee – but don’t waste a drip! You will have to suck every drop away until everything is clean again. And of course everything else not belonging there has to be cleaned too…!