Japaneese Piss And Cat In Public Toilet

Toilet Slave For Two Second Tryout

Christina and I had a try using this slave as a toilet. He was served our precious champagne directly from our pussies, but we think he did a lousy job! We wanted to give him a second chance, because our pee is all he will drink from now on.So he comes with a mug, and I tell him to put it under my pussy. But he can’t even do this right! A lot end up on the floor. But ok, he manage to drink what is in the mug. Christina need to relieve herself as well, and she has a lot! She fills the mug, and he have to drink because she have more champagne in store. So she fills the mug again, but the slave seem to have trouble swallowing all the pee.. Not our problem, then he will be dehydrated!

Lesbo Honeys Love Pee And Shit! – Part 2

She bends down and makes the other girl lick and finger her asshole. The girl rams a dildo up the other one’s asshole. They pee on glasses and take turns drinking each others urine. They spit pee into each others mouth.

Pee And The Cleaner

the cleaner is outside the bathroom door but that wont stop me filming my toilet Pee!!