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Pissing Torture

The beautiful Miss Samira has invented a new torture method. After filling with urine about a third of a bowl, she uses a funnel to collect the precious golden nectar in a plastic bottle… so as not to lose even a drop! Then, Miss Samira gives the bottle to her pathetic slave and orders him to drink all, while standing full weight on his stomach (ouch!). Do you think it’s easy to drink anything when a girl tramples your belly? Since the slave seems to be pretty picky, Miss Samira starts using other torture techniques (crushing, smothering, strangling) until, finally, the slave opens his mouth and Samira’s urine goes down, relentless, directly in his gullet!

Mistress Roberta – Double Snack Day-full-pov

Today i am pooping twice thing i don’t get very often so i decided to give you an part 1 and 2 with the small breakfast first and the better one second so enjoy the food also the pee soaked socks you should suck it off that pee 🙂 .This second late breakfast todayis more creamy, a bit bigger and comes with creampie wich you have to lick so today you will lick my pussy, my ass, and after you will get a creamy shit soaked in pee with creampie on .

Time To Clean Up

After a scat session, it’s time to clean up. She is showering and washing her body.