Japanese Cat And Piss Orgies

Animal Magnetism Girl In Shit! What?

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Mistress Gaia – Lunch Then Punishment – Hd Version

This slave is here to enjoy a lunch break with me. However, he’s not going to have some sandwiches and a coffee. I’m going to make him enjoy the delight of eating my shit, and washing it down with a basin of my pee. He has to crawl and kiss my feet while I shit in his dog bowl. That’s his dinner plate for today. He then has to finish kissing my feet while I pee in a white basin. He’s going to have the luxury of washing down my delicious shit by drinking my amber necter from the basin. I have warned my slut not to make a mess. However he’s so stupid, and spills some pee on the floor. I order him to clean it up before I punish him with my whip…

Poo By Mistress Isabella And Big Davil

205.2 So…. my beautifull summer pooing on my big slave!!!!! I hope to see you soon, i need new wc-human toilet!!!!! It is just a year my slave do not eat my poo and it is very difficolult for him, let you see. MP4

I Piss And Shit When I Fuck

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