Japanese Girls Shits In Toilet

Load My Toilet With Smelly Shit

You don’t want to eat my smelly shit but I know how to make you eat them all! You are going to be my toilet, this is your fate toilet. And don’t forget to eat all the shit until the last bit! ))

Shiteater Handcuffed To The Stairway Part 6 Chrystal

His Arms handcuffed to the Stairway made an Excellent Toilet Chair for the Girls. Meanwhile the Girl checking her Messages the Slave was getting his Mouth filled with Diarrhea among other Things. Some found it very important him swallowing every little Bit of it, while others were a Little Bit more generous.English Subtitles

Mistress Drops A Load On Domestic Slave!

Mistress has drops a load of her brown gourmet scat into her domestic slave during scatology training!

Shit Bath!!!

I ate a lot yesterday and feel like it’s gonna be a big one so I get into the bath tub. I had some corn and steak as you see from the poop I spread all over my body after taking that huge shit in the tub. I call it my Shit Bath! LOL Very very nasty…