Japanese Girls Vomit In The Public Toilet

Lady Rosella And Maid Anna Poop Slave In The Mouth! Part 1

Mistress Rosella and Maid Anna poop slave in the mouth! Here have my maid Anna (Annas_feet) and I shitting. pissing and spitting a slave in the mouth ! He had to eat and to swallow our whole body exudates! Have extremely humilated the slave and he was then messed up! In Part 1, there are NS and spit for the slave! KV There are only as from the 2nd part! Nevertheless, the first part is horny, dirty and worth seeing,too!

2 Panties Poop Tease & Joi

You’ve ordered 2 pairs of panties. One to get my nice, juicy, smelly, ass musk in & the other to saturate with ass smells as well as my delicious skid marks. I show off each pair of pantie for you. First, the black, satin, boy short. I show you how well it fits on my ass. I describe to you about how long I have been wearing it. I tease you…. dirty talk… telling you what to do with the pantie. Mmmm… get a good whiff of my sweet ass crack ;)I model the next pantie for you. The white, satin, full-back. The perfect pantie for showing off my dirty, shitty, ass! I tease & dirty talk for you. I shake my ass, show you my dirty, chocolate covered, asshole, & wipe all that chocolate straight into the pantie for you. Magic right before your eyes! A nice clean pantie is now transformed into your dinner… ready to be licked, sucked, and devoured! I finish off the video giving you a little jerk off instructions on what to do with both pairs of panties. Such a naughty boy! Now, you only need to get a pair of your own to play with. The question is… how dirty do you want them? 😉

Reflection Pee

I have been getting feedback from fans for more pee vids, so here is another one. I was checking my self out on cam and the mirror before releasing my bladder with a little fart.