Japanese Lose Pee Uncensored

Ayanna’s Pushing It Out From Above And Below!!

Enjoy this super long clip from Ayanna!! Enjoy as she takes a big dump overhead. Enjoy her epic grunts and strains as well. After pushing out a few big logs she gets a little backed up. She takes some toilet paper and fingers her ass to try to wiggle the backed up out her ass. Just when she thinks she’s done – BOOM! There’s more!! Her grunts and strains are epic in this one!! She then puts the camera on the floor so we can see her facial expressions while she pushes out some more plops and poots!! Nearly 15 minutes of strain and pain

Cooling Down The Builder

She invites the builder in for a drink but gets more than he bargained for – a facefull of piss! He then toys her pussy with his hammer before peeing over her hairy pussy.

Too Much To Handle

He eats it all from the first girl but he could not handle the second girls long turd.