Japanese Maid Girl Pee

My Poop Shipped To Your Door

Are u craving for my poop…do u want nothing more than to taste and smell my delicious chocolate…? Make yourself happy and let me poop for u..this one was for Roger ,-)

Big & Tasty Dinner

Be attention outside. If you have a tight breakfast or lunch, then you will definitely need a toilet. At any time of day or even at night. As well to me there was an emergency. Directly at work. It is good that I live near the house and I have a toilet slave who waits for me and is glad to be my toilet. I have called to him and command to prepare and wait for me in lunch time. He lay on a floor when I have come with an open mouth. I had a little time and I have hardly waited to the house. As soon as I have come I at once have piled a big heap of shit in his mouth. And it got directly into his throat, slid in a gullet. Do you happy now, my toilet? This reality!

Princess Mia And Erin Toilet Slavery.camera2

In the morning the girls wanted to go to the toilet. The slave already waits in his place, tethered and ready. At first he gets a portion of poo-poo from the first princess Erin, then she goes to sleep. And instead of her, the other princess Mia wakes up and enjoys her slave toilet, which takes everything upon himself. He suffers and mumbles while his face is being filled with shit.

Turd Play

she pushes out a big one and played with it in her mouth