Japanese Maid Pee

Kiss My Boots & Drink My Piss!

I walk my fat-ass slave on a leash to get him some much needed exercise. To show him his place in the pecking order I make him kiss my boots and spank his ass. All of the sudden I have to pee so I think to myself why not piss in a cup and make him drink it? He’s certainly thirsty after all that ‘exercise’ :)) My pee is dark and intense, I am sure he will enjoy it! I give him a few sips, walk him a bit more, some spanking, and then another sip until it’s all gone.

Oxana Blue Huge Panty Load

Oxana today is loading huge messy stiky shit in full back panties!

My New Dirty Toy

Today a guy has drawn the short straw and has to push his open mouth under my toilet seat. To his bad luck, I was not shit for two days and he now gets to eat a correspondingly rich pile. Too much for his tiny body? I do not care, I stuff the shit in his open mouth and pee on him again. Now he can lick the liquid manure from the floor!