Japanese Outdoor Poopay

Pee And Scat For My Tranny

I had not fed my little tranny slave for a long time. High time to catch up. And so that she has a lasting memory of it, I have saved a lot more for her. After a nice long shower with my pee, the highlight for them and me: a huge amount of fresh caviar I press directly from my butt in her mouth. Although she’s not exactly squeamish about big shit, she has a hard time swallowing everything except the last one. But she strives honestly.

Hole Stretching Turds Mp4

2 clips of Thai Michelle big monster booty pushing out some thick hole stretching logs and chocolate grenades. Her dumps are always insanely thick coming out.

Piss Drink 15

Piss from the feeding bowl! Slave Joschi is caught in the chamber of bizarre Lady Jessica in the cage and waits for his last meal. For 24 hours he has crouched down without meal and drinking in the narrow cage now already. The divine empress finally has got Jessica compassion with him now. With a dog bowl in the hand she enters the chamber and goes to her slave. This one looks up full of expectation to her. He asks you haste ‘ ‘ and as Joschi answers with ‘yes’, takes the bowl between its legs it you thirst?and its bladder empties in something goes into the squatting position. It pees till the feeding bowl is brimful with its piss and places him then next to Joschi into the cage and says for him ‘ drink everything up, you are getting nothing more!now 48 hours ‘ . on order drinks to its mistress Joschi then would drink its piss from the bowl like one dog water from this. He drinks everything up to the last drop from the bowl. Lady then satisfies Jessica, once more, the bowl with its piss and Joschi drinks everything from this again. Then she fetches him from the cage and orders him still the last drops these are dripped in addition to this, lap up by the ground? Joschi creeps from the cage and while the mistress is sitting on its back with a full weight, it licks the piss everywhere all around from the bottom of the chamber.