Japanese Peeing Compilation

New!2018-10-22.food For Slave From Lady Mia Herself!

New!2018-10-22.Food for slave from Lady Mia herself!The brazen slave crawled to his mistress for the sake of dinner. He did not get breakfast and very much hopes that Mrs. Mia will feed him at least for lunch. Young Mistress took pity on the slave and sent her juicy ass right into his mouth. She laughs at the slave and puts food on his plate. A slave is waiting for this so much that his drool is flowing !!! What a beauty – food from Lady Mia herself. Now she feeds the slave with chopsticks. Enjoy your meal!

Shit Eating After Huge Strapon Fucking – Video Camera

Goddess was back again with her personal slave and she adore him ! Why this ? Because he can easily take a full strapon deep inside his trained asshole, and also he can easily take a full mouth of piss to drink, or receive a slimmy Diarrhea inside his throat then chewing and swallowing at Goddess request. Today was exactly like that : Goddess prepare her huge strapon, put some gloves, probe his ass with her fingers then when she feel he is ready, she apply some oil into his hole and fuck his ass deep. After she finished with this torment, she order him to lay down to the sheet and keep his mouth open until she relieve from both holes. First she spurt a long piss directly into his throat, making him gagging while swallowing, and also she released a nice quantity of Shitty Diarrhea right on his open wide hole. Slave must chew it easily and while Goddess beat him, he must also swallow to prove his Goddess that he worth her attention and her waste ! Good job for today for her HUMAN TOILET ! Movie is recorded with video camera

Piss In A Condom

walking back from the beach Princess Nikki needs to piss. She piss in a condom and orders her slave to drink her piss from the condom. She kicks him brutally while he drinks her piss!