Japanese Peep Poo

Scatfire! Part 1

Hello people. this is Aria and I want you to meet incredible Sandy. She is pure, natural born scatlover with twisted mind and imaginations. Everything what she does and loves goes directly from her heart and deepest, most filthy corners of her mind. She is practicing scat games for 5 years already but never did it on camera but this time she agreed to show this twisted side of her to public. However she is more lesbian than hetero or bisexual but her girlfriend at the moment doubts if to take part in this scat games. So, let’s show her that there is no doubts about this and public will love both of them.Incredible video, fire in its pure condition. Scat Fire.

Mistress Roberta- Take Away Jar-pov

Today i have another point of view for you and this time i am preparing a take away jar shitting inside for some of my slaves who wroted me they want it so who comes first he will have it .

Diarrhea Tried Sitting

The make time for 🙂 And how it looks, how it is, outputs if I crapped next to it, how much it has become .. that you have to watch yourself you already 🙂

6 Students Fill Up Their Toilet Slave Part 2

Here the Girls came together after school to abuse their Toilet Slave and fill him up with Poop. Part 2. English Subtitles.