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Mistress Lilly Scat Mix Selection Nr 7

American Mistress Lilly selections from all her dirty movies ! All scat action ! The silicone lady adore to shit and piss EVERYWHERE and she is a true Scat Goddess who love to show off her passion for scat !! Selection nr 7

Smelly, Alina’s Morning Diarrhea In The Shower

Smelly, Alina’s morning diarrhea in the shower

Clean The Cum And Shit!

I have just been to a big gang bang, and my pussy and ass is cum filled. You know what your task is! So you better get your tongue out of your mouth and start cleaning my holes! This is such a good job for a pathetic slave like you! Clean me my little cuckold! I just love humiliating you like this!But I have more for you, I know you dream about being my shit eater! So here is a task for you to learn how to clean brown chocolate from my perfect ass! You know a beautiful Princess like me should never wipe myself! Life is too short. Besides a tongue is much softer than toilet paper, so get your tongue out and clean my brown ass!

Slave Meal In Nescafe Bottle

I have a request those days from a scat fan of mine and we want to sending him my fresh shit live through postal express. Of course i cannot refuze to make a nice meal for my fans, and i shit into a Nescafe bottle and pee in a glass for sending him later. Enjoy your meal darling . ..