Japanese Pooing In Public

2 Scat Doms Use Their Toilet Slave

What do you do with toilets? Right, you’re shitting into it! We use our toilet every day. Yes, you heard right. Every day he has to eat our shit, drink our piss. Like in this video! Sometimes we puke him in the mouth! This is not a game but hard reality. This slave in the video is extremely humiliated. This time we give our toilet a spontaneous visit when we come from the brunch. In the morning we always have to shit a lot, especially if we have had a delicious breakfast. Not only that he has to lick the dirt off our soles. He is used by 2 ladies at the same time as a proper toilet! Because that’s his purpose. As a matter of course we shit his mouth! Bravely chew and swallow. So that the next lady has a clean toilet again where she can shit. If that does not work to our satisfaction, we have to help in our own way!

Gorgeous Ebony Beauty Pees On A Dildo

Gorgeous ebony beauty in black stockings pees on a dildo

Alina Swims And Dumps A Huge Shit

Alina swims and dumps a huge shit. Alina rests – bathes in the lake, sunbaths. Suddenly, Alina felt a strong desire to empty the intestines. We quickly found a deserted place, in a forest nearby. The tender ass of Alina has a huge piece of smelly shit with diarrhea.

Very Dirty Scat Session

I absolutely had to relieve oneself and let the slaves mouth with my shit crowded. Right after that also had Miss Cherie do something against her bad feeling.Although it has diarrhea, but that does not interest us really. This also has to swallow the toilet * laugh *. Miss Cherie and the slave gagging doing a race, what amuses me delicious.