Japanese Public Poop Acident

Messalina In Black Gown 1 Position 2

The Mistress Messalina uses her slave for her amusements.She makes him kiss her ass and uses his mouth as urinal and toilet.He has to swallow all.The Mistress Messalina uses him as a toilet, he must eat her shit and kiss and lick her dirty ass.


Blonde push huge shit,peeing and cumming in sexy white panties!


Using food twice to feed slaves is a practical solution. What the ladies eat get my slaves to eat, so even today. From the three slaves in the cell I and Miss Jane choose one for each to shit directly into the mouth. The third has to wait until next time, he can massage my feet while the other two swallow their food.

Taste My Champagne

This time slave had an honor to taste my delicious champagne. He received a fresh stream of golden nectar directly from his Mistress. Looser was properly waiting for his Lady under the toilet seat. This time loser was really thirsty, so I quickly start to urinate directly into his toilet face. Slave always swallow all of his Mistress champagne without leaving even a droplet outside his toilet mouth.