Japanese School Girl Poos Herself

Mistress Gaia – Human Toilet Training

ITALIAN SPOKEN – This human toilet being needs to continue his training. After filling his bowl with my divine piss and letting him lick a little ‘, I will shit inside, creating a special cocktail of urine and shit. He will have to continue to drink and lick, while I, sitting comfortably, ignore him chatting and talking on a cell phone.

Last Drops For Slave

He can not have enough of the piss :))))

Captured Slave In Dungeon! – Part 1

They make him wear a mask and a collar on his neck. They use a stick to prod into the nooks and crannies of his body, including his asshole.

Only A Little Scat

I have fun in the bathtub with my shit in my face, but then I need more shit and the camera guy helps out.Very messy action.