Japanese Schoolgirl Peeing Queen

Used As Toilet Part 3

The last part of this series, but certainly not my last clip!I sit on the toilet chair upside down and just let it run! A huge pile of shit slaps my slave in the face. He swallows, but something goes wrong. After I piss on him, I kneel next to him! The rest of my shit gets stuffed in his mouth. But not only that: I decorate his face with my shit and make him a shitface 😀

Cult Makes Girls Shit On Each Other! – Full Movie

A mysterious cult has the strange power of making girls doing disgusting things to each other. This includes shitting and feeding on it too! Their three worshipers first eat each other’s cunts and take turns sitting on each other’s faces. They take dumps on each other and feed on the morsels of shit that comes out of their assholes! Disgusting!

Nasty Babes Make Peeping Tom Eat Shit! – Part 1

They put a collar and leash on him and call him degrading names. One of the girls unloads her wet and smelly shit on a glass bowl and they command him to eat it. The boy did as he was told and proceeds to eat the disgusting dish! The other girl sinks to her knees and takes his cock in her mouth.

Outdoor Shitting A Shitload And Piss There!

Was driving on a main road on the way when I had to shit scary. So I turned into the next forest road, where I discovered a high seat. Then went to the head of the high seat, my short dress pushed up, put one leg up on the ladder and in the position I then shit and piss. It was a huge pile which I pooped there!