Japanese Shit Fuc

The Toilet Cunt P3

Lady Lucy has a thick boogers in the nose, which is suitable correctly to eat. This She snorts directly to the lips of the slave. Now he has a fat booger to eat. The slave should enjoy the small dining also. He chews the boogers and then eats it up completely. What a moment. Afterwards Lady Kimi is on the toilet slave and poops a fairly soft turd down his throat. So much so that the shit sticks out of the mouth. And this is the third portion of shit today for the toilet slave. Everything chew and swallow. Lady Domi take the cane that the slave eat the shit faster.

088. Scat Caviar From Italy

The best of 088 video, Mistress Isabella use her slave like a toilet, she give him a very big and long turd.

Dianas Idea Of Shitting Part1

Both Ladies sitting and relaxing at the couch and look at the toiletslave who is lies on the ground and wait for the ladies if any lady has to shit, he will open his mouth and swallow all big bunches of the ladies. total toiletslavery 100%