Japanese Shitting In Public Wasted

Stepdaughter Dominates Father With Piss And Feces! – Full Movie

This woman doesnÂ’t like her stepfather to begin with, so when she is left alone with him, the first thing that comes to her mind is to dominate and make him suffer! So she fully strips him of his clothes and then lays him on the floor where she proceeds to urinate on his face! When she is finished, she sits on his mouth and feeds him with her pussy! Then, without warning, she defecates on him! She then stands up, but shortly after, she sits on his face again to squish and spread her feces! The only time she stops is when she gets contented with the mess she has made!

Asuka Peek-a-boo Poop

Pooping from a chair and on knees! Self-filmed. Multiple angles. Close-up ending.

Mistress Emily – Scat Jerk

Good position for good work. My toilet slave always ready to serve me, any time at all. He carefully licked my asshole before I begin using his mouth as my toilet. For today he was very passionate and excited, because I kept his cock on the lock for a week. You can hear me moaning with pleasure sitting on his face. Try more, do circular motions with your tongue around my asshole. I LOVE when his tongue inside my ass. Your eating is coming. Open your mouth and enjoy yourself. A huge pile of shit from my ass now is on your face. Do you happy now? You are scat jerk and you must eat all my shit. I’m spitting and pissing in your mouth. You are my toilet.

Peeing In A Plastic Bottle

Peeing in a plastic bottle (JJ000110)