Japanese Sniffing Shit

Mistress Lilly Preparing Small Parts Of Food With Her Shit

Mistress Lilly recording more toilet slavery movies. She enjoy to play and she tke advices about her future movies. She preparing today something new for her fans : A nice meal with her kaviar !!

Mistress Annalise – More Beautiful Shit

In the morning I put the shackles on the slave and he sat for a day waiting for me. When I came, I stuck him a few lashes and order him to lick and kiss my shoes after the street. I did not like how he cleaned his shoes, so, as punishment, I poured him hot wax. I enjoyed watching the slave wriggle from the pain of BDSM. He was very excited by my actions. I sit down on his face and told him to lick my beautiful ass. He did not expect what I had prepared for him today. Of course, a slave must be my thing if he wants to serve me as a toilet. He carefully licked my ass with his tongue, and I give him a lot of shit. I sit over his face, so my thighs rested against his hand. I introduced it as a seat for me. He watched as a lot of beautiful shit came out of my asshole. I felt his dick get up, but I did not let him finish with me. He is not worthy of such attention, he is just my thing and a toilet for me. After that he licked and sucked the fingers of my legs. Finally, I leaned over him and spit in his mouth. For today there were enough pleasant moments for you, my toilet. Stay in this room and clean the floor with your tongue. There’s a lot of my smelly shit.

Creamy Caviar

Mistress Esme uses her toilet and delivers some creamy caviar.

Peed My Jeans

I got a special request to post a clip of me in a pair of my tight jeans … so here it is! I walk around the bathroom a bit and show off the tight jeans on my ass, I think about peeing in the toilet, but then instead I pull the jeans back up and let all that pressure go! I was amazed at how much I had held onto – you will see it wetting my jeans all the way down to my toes and hear it splashing on the floor!