Japanese Throatfuck Vomit

Watering The Plants

With champagne and water

Eat My Creamy Shit

I tie slave’s hands behind his back and order him to kneel on the floor. I sit on a comfortable chair in front of him and make him smell, lick and worship my dirty feet. Then I tell my slave to lie on the floor and use his mouth as a personal toilet. And I take a large creamy shit in his mouth and make him chew and swallow every drop. I humiliate him verbally throughout the clip and remind him how lucky he is to serve such a beautiful goddess.

Dutch Log 2

Nice strip to start then takes a huge piss on the floor, she turns around and does a nice thick log on the floor, afterwards she plays with herself in front of her shit. No Sound, Video quality low.

Get Your Tongue To Work You Jerk Part 6

Girls uses Man