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Lady M Shit Feeding Lessons Part 3 -soundings

Lady M continue her shootings with her real toilet slaves. Today she was in a hurry and she love to destroy some cock and balls of her toilet slave. She was dressing in stockings and she order her toilet to get the soundings before she fill his mouth with her kaviar. She begin to play with him and push the soundings deep into his peehole, also 2 sametime in his cock. She was so happy and she announce him that he must follow her quickly i bathroom and assume his position for receiving his morning meal. She smother him and smear her shit and turds on his face, eyes and mouth. She love to know that her shit is so deep into her toilet body and he cannot see anything, only to smell and eat her divine shit ! She feed him with her gloves and she shower him at the end. Nice view of her gorgeous asshole while she shit. Movie was recording from 2 angles, with video camera and smartphone samsung A5. This is version of Samsung A5 from the front of action in bathtub

Mistress Annabelle – He Has To Eat Shit

I have a toilet slave who loves getting scat training. He was very lucky that I am ready to give him my time. He will have to earn the privilege of enjoying the luxury of eating my shit. I start by getting my whore to lick my shoes and find out his place. Then I order him to put his face in my beautiful ass. I do so that his face is right there when he tries to catch his breath. He must understand that he is my slave and always worships my feet. When I’m riding on his face, it’s time for him to enjoy his enjoyment. I tell him to open his mouth to get my shit. My pile of shit sits neatly over his mouth and face. Now he has to eat my shit and lick my beautiful ass. How lucky you are today, stupid slut. Did you enjoy forcibly eating my shit? Next, I put the collar on a slave and lead him for a walk.

Thick Girl Shit In Pantyhose.

Thick girl shit in pantyhose.

Roleplaying Shit Eater 720p

Mistress Rayven likes to roleplay and plays as if her slave is a burglar and his punishment is to eat her shit. He pleads with her not to make him eat her shit but theres no reasoning with her and he has to eat it anyways.