Japanese Vomit Games

Bedtime Toilet

As Sophia is heading to bed she makes a stop for a wee. Multitasking as usual, she takes care of some lingerie she’s washed in the sink as well as relieving herself. Just a few more things to do before she’s off to dreamland!

Mistress Roberta Socks And Diarrhea After Cumming

Mistress Roberta is back after 2-3 weeks of vacancy. She call her slave in a hurry this morning and told him that she want her dirty socks worshipped and licked. They smell hard, after few days of use and she oblige her toilet slave to smell them, clean them, lick them and suck them until they are new. She also allowe her slave boy to stroke his cock and cumm only under her perfect asshole, while he push his long tongue deep inside her rectum and remain there until cumming ! After this hard cumming with anus on his mouth, Mistress Roberta offer her toilet a surprise : he receive a long piss on his cock and body then a huge diarrhea right on his flacid cock. She order him to smear her diarrhea on his cock and balls and play with it….then she want him to eat it and swallow it. Perfect come back movie from Mistress Roberta

Mistress Lilly Diarrhea In Public Places And Enemas

Mistress Lilly recording new scat diarrhea and enema movies. She love to feel her shit in public places. Very kinky and bizarre silicone lady….

Dildo Up My Shitty Ass!!!

I just took a really big nasty shit in my panties…come watch me pull them down and fuck my asshole full of poo till I cum…