Japanse Piss Drinking

Outdoor, On Top Of Each Other, Shit And Piss With Girlfriend!

Here I was with a girlfriend, outdoor, on a street, pissing together and shitting. For this purpose, squatted my girlfriend, her pussy and her ass over my ass. At the same time we pissed and I shitting, my girlfriend pissed me on my shitting ass. Then we both had to piss again and so we pissed into a fish pond!

Martina Training Training Slaves To Eat Shit Urine

The slaves worshipped the heels and feet of the goddess and cleaned the heels with their tongues. Then the goddess inserted the heel into the slave’s butt back and forth, the goddess peed into the slave mouth and pulled the shit, and the slaves had to eat them all.

Laxative Tea & Yoga Doesn’t Mix Well!! – Part 3

After cleaning up their shit, she lets them eat each others cunts. She uses her vibrator on them, hoping to squeeze more shit from them.

Creamy Crap In The Kitchen

Come ran very close to me and watch me as I have a bunch of hot creamy sit in front of your nose.