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You Are Not There – Delicious Pee Only For Me Alone

Actually, I had been waiting for you all the time that you finally come home so we together can enjoy my freshly drawn pee together. So I had to taste all the delicious glass of fresh piss alone. Now you have just gotten nothing more.

Scat For The Foreigner P2 Hd (short)

Now the toilet slave sits on the bed and has his face and mouth full with shit. The slave can not swallow anything. No matter, Mistress Michelle pisses and shits on top of it. Lady Grace shits then still in her string and puts the pile of shit on his face. So he can smell the pile, while Mistress Michelle makes him clear that he is a bad human toilet.

The Poop Barril Part 5

Girls User Man

Uro And Scato At Double With 2 Dommes

My mistress want to surprise me and call her good friend to use me both of them sametime, and humiliate me in front of her.i accepted my fate and receiving their piss directly in my throat one after another, drink it, then both shitting in my open mouth sametime 🙂 No sound today, because they laugh too much and make jokes about this kinky situation. We are waiting for requests if somebody want something with us. Enjoy the double piss and shitting video in FULL HD:)