Jappanese Girl Pooping

Slave Swallows Part 3

The last part of this series, but definitely not the last clip of me!I wear tight white jeans as I enter the room. I pull them down and you see my gorgeous tanned ass. I don’t know when I used a normal toilet for the last time.I sit on my slave and push out a huge piece of shit. Directly in his mouth! Today he has to eat it all at once. A bit has fallen down so I shove it directly in his mouth. I spit in his mouth. Will he manage to swallow everything?

Mistress Gaia – Loser Shit

CUSTOM REQUEST – Please make a video in which you explain and show your Lady Mistress friend how to make a male toilet slave eat all the caviar you shit onto his face as he lays under the toilet chair and how to secure that the whole caviar is chewed and swallowed completely. So you let her know and demonstrate to her what you are requiring from a male human toilet and how to consumption without mercy.

Good Morning Shitty Woman! Part 1

My mature wife say you: Good Morning!!!