Jappanese Piss

Mean Girls Japanese Style! Part 3

Part 3 – These mean girls picked on new girls in the campus. Anyone they feel tormenting they do it! The new girls gets humiliated in front of other girls being pushed around, beat up, undressed and to add up to the humiliation these mean girls has fetish for piss and shit! They specially likes the new girls poop! So they extracted it off the new girls

Pissing, Wiped And Deducted Ins Klo

So now You can watch me even if I am doing a small business. Properly I wipe off with toilet paper, then draw off too. Everything in close-up view.

015. Scat By Mistres Isabella

015. My dear, i’m giving you long videos of scat with my slaves, i can not make you lower price because the prices are fixed by yezz, this is the minder i can do for 29 min of video. If you like to have shorter videos write me, i will cut and put on yezz. Tis is a vering intresting and real scat session. Have a nice time! MP4.