Japs Pooping Diahrrea

Lady Sabrina And Slaves P2

Lady Tina uses the one slave as a human ashtray, while the slave licks the shoe and then the foot of Lady Sabrina. She puts her foot deep in his throat.

Nasty Piss Exchange With User!

Here I had a nasty session with a user. I was the user, his cock, blow on, as he told me that he would have to pee. So I asked him to pee in my greedy mouth. He did then and he pissed me a fat load of piss in my mouth, of course I swallowed the piss completely. Since I had to pee afterwards, I stood over the user and pissed him with a nice fat beam in his mouth. He also swallowed everything and then I ordered the user to lick my pussy clean. The user then licked greedy my wet pussy clean! Here I got several orgasms and I squirt the user my pussy juice in his mouth. Even my pussy juice he swallowed greedily down!

Pissed And Shit On My Slave

Oh what a pressure i had! Luckily, there was a living toilet on hand that I could use to empty myself. At the beginning I pissed the slave on his horny cock and then he got the full load in his wide open mouth served. And the horny pig has swallowed everything. Must have been delicious.But there was also a dessert: fresh delicious caviar directly from the source. What a pleasure for my slave. He can not get enough of it and greedily slips everything into himself. And what does not go in his mouth is rubbed nicely by me on his body. What fun for me 🙂

Ratatouille Poo Plus Sneak Peak!

I’m taking a big poo that I’ve held in for two days and it comes out all nice, hard, and so stinky so why not make it a dish from the movie Ratatouille it looks like it. Plus you have to see the nice sneak peak at the end!