Jerk Toilet Poop

Pissed And Shit On My Slave

Oh what a pressure i had! Luckily, there was a living toilet on hand that I could use to empty myself. At the beginning I pissed the slave on his horny cock and then he got the full load in his wide open mouth served. And the horny pig has swallowed everything. Must have been delicious.But there was also a dessert: fresh delicious caviar directly from the source. What a pleasure for my slave. He can not get enough of it and greedily slips everything into himself. And what does not go in his mouth is rubbed nicely by me on his body. What fun for me 🙂

Femdom Session! Marie And Rosella Use A Slave! Part 1

Here my teenage friend Marie-Skyler and I use a user as our living toilet. In the first part, I piss the guy a huge load of piss in his mouth, while Marie jerks his cock hard as well as blows to mend him! Of course, he must swallow everything. This is already a taste for what he expected in the second part! Lol

Ebony Jewel Is Spreading The Word!!

Ebony Jewel is Back with Two Great New Clips!! Man She has been the talk of my site this summer as she by far has been my most inquired model this summer!! She returns with two Great reverse Kanga scenes as she spreads that juicy ass of hers nice and wide to release the browns right in front of the camera! Then enjoy as she shakes that MONSTER ass of hers right in front the camera!! Then to top it off, she even puts on an ass shaking, ass spreading, and ass grabbing display!! This is perhaps the sexiest model to be on my site so far! Her Body is just a dream!! I dare you to not jerk off to this!! I Triple Dawg Dare you!! Some great Explosive Farts and Diarrhea in these clips!!! Ebony Jewel brings plenty of ass, gas, and splash in all her clips!!