Jism And Shit

Poo In My White Leggins

I am wearing my nice white tight leggins while i am posing for you, showing you my hot booty and all over sudden i feel like i have to poo. So i just relax and let it happen in my pants. Such a nice feeling! Of course i will show you how dirty i am all over my butt and my pussy!

Pickup Diarrhea Flow

I found a toy jeep on my territory. The jeep has to go through the obstacles, suffocate with the scent of my pussy and sniff my ass. I thrust it deep into my pussy and you’ll see it close-up. I piss and sit on him. Then I’m pouring a huge pile of liquid diarrhea on top of the jeep, so it’s not visible behind a bunch of my shit )). It’s amazing! A huge pile of liquid smelly diarrhea! What could be more beautiful?

Adelina Frau Feeding Slave With Big Smelly Shit!

What I do with my toilets? I’m shitting into their mouth! I use my toilet every day. This means that every day he has to eat my shit and drink my piss. Since in this video! This is not a game but hard reality. This toilet slave is extremely humiliated. In the morning I have a lot of shit, because I have had a delicious picnic last night. Not only that he has to lick the dirt off my soles. As a matter, of course, I shit in his mouth! Chew and swallow more carefully, try harder, slave. So that the next time I can come back and feed you with my shit again.. You must serve for my satisfaction!

Cwm Wetting: Pissing & Anal Play

I’m kneeling on my bed in a pair of small blue and white striped briefs and a full bladder. The desperation begins to impose itself on me as I reach for my pink vibrator. As I smear some lubricant over the end of it I lean forwards, stick my ass out and pull down my briefs. I slide the vibrator inside me, leaving the white handle poking out like a small tail as move into different positions, teasing and gently fucking myself until the desperation begins to overwhelm me. I lean forwards, leaving the vibrator inside me, gripping the window ledge with both hands as I fight to stay in control. I shift my weight, unable to stay still, sending a shiver down my spine. I grab the vibrator, clenching every muscle In my body as I react instinctively to the feeling of losing control. Piss pours out of me, my hand holding the end of the vibrator still poking out of me…