Jpantyhose Pee

Feeding My Slave!!!

I’ve just built a home-made toilet for my slave and can’t wait to try it out! Come watch as I place my slave underneath my home-made toilet and proceed to shit out turd after turd and a lot of piss on his filthy face. His aim wasn’t good and he missed quite a few of my tasty turds…not to worry, I get down there and pick them up and shove my delicious chocolate right into his nasty mouth. I get some on my toes and get him to lick them, so sexy!

Shitting On The Carton

And here also the much-awaited moment in which Melissa stops playing with her tits and deposits a brown cream on a white cardboard. Would you like to stick his tongue in cream? you are a slave greedy and disgusting !!!

Marriage Of Mistress Isabella

210.1 Just married me and my husband we come at home…. beautifull history of submission, all in italian, very cerebral and amusing. Something go wrong, the toilet do not work, my husband is not so rich as he say me and…. something happen!!!!! MP4.