Juila Bond Shit

Big And Smelly Portion!

Big and smelly portion! He sees shit for a long time, but can not eat it, he waits for all the girls in turn to fill the plate and allow him to start repast. He feels terrible smells and sees shit very close. The slave is in great fear and his hands begin to tremble. He knows that he will eat everything, because he will not be able to give up his delicacies! The desire to please the girls and to feel the tastes of the mistresses is much stronger than fear.

Chew Down Your Meal With Spit And Piss

The slave gets something special from the girls to eat, all three (Chantal, Elaysa, Domi) are spitting extensively on a pancake until it is completely poured over and swims in spit. After choking the sticky mass Lady Chantal and Lady Domi notice that they have to pee urgently and use the slave as their piss gulp.

Shitting For Hire!

This man is so desperate to eat shit that he has reached the point in which he’s willing to pay for it! When his steady supply of shit providers where busy to tend to his needs, he turned to the trusty service and told them to send someone to his house, pronto! The girl showed up and did what she was commissioned to do – she hiked up her itty bitty skirt, sat on the toilet, and dumped right on his open and hungry mouth! After ejecting all the shit she can give, she kneels down and wipes his mouth clean, as part of the efficient service she provides.

Shit And Pee In The Glasses

The bizarre Mistress Giorgia Divina prepares a nice meal for the toilet slave.How lucky is the toilet slave!A nice movie while the Mistress fills two glasses filled with piss and then…. starts to shit into the third glass and then to the fourth!!During the shit the Mistress gets dirty, needs a toilet slave that with the tongue cleans everything … Do you want to be clean?Two glasses of shit and two of piss, the meal for the toilet slave is complete, just left with a spoon, open the mouth and do the eat & drink