Kami Andrews Poop

Marie Plays With Shit….

A wonderful sweet blonde teen (18y.o.) gives shitplaying a try.. look at that fantastic ass!

Open Your Mouth For Shit

As much as I appreciate well-trained toilets, it’s still always fun to a new slave for the first time to shit in his mouth. Wonderful, as he desperately tries to refuse the intake.The longer he writhes and struggles with the shit in his mouth, he has all the more so by the fragrant aroma of our hot shit. Hard luck! Miss Jane has also shitting into his mouth after me.We have overwhelmed him for the first time. Funny how he chokes and full smeared his entire body with our punches like a little pig.

Properly Big Thing

Wow … such a rich part, I’ve long gone squeezed out of the ass. That you MUST see!

Mia Gives Rieke A Good Treatment

with lots of piss and shit. Massive swallowing and smear. They love it!