Katie Cummings Pissimg

Urine In Jeans

on me razinovye boots, jeans and down jacket. I’m strolling along the road. I met my friend. I pee in my jeans. my friend invited me home. I piss him in the car seat. now my jeans and a chair are wet machines

Sorority Girls Hold Pissing Party! – Part 4

He can still see and breathe fine, so the girls continue to arrive and bring in more pee. More girls sit on the bucket and add to the half-full already enveloping the man’s head.

Diarrhea In Mouth After Mouthfull Of Piss

Because Godess is in this period very occupied with her personal life she call me in a hurry and annoucne me that she is already ready to fill my mouth with piss and Diarrhea. As she expected i become ready for her, with my mouth open wide and asking for making me again her personal toilet boy. She let me lick her pussy before she order me to drink all she got.