Katya Clover Peeping

Domi And Kimi Scat And Vomit Humilation

Today Domi and Kimi visit a new slave at his hotel. he wanted them to shit and puke in his mounth and stuff every peace of shit and vomit deep in his throat. A very intensive and agresive clip! enjoy it!

2 Ladies Fill A Toilet Slave With Shit, Piss, Snot And Sperm! Full Movie

Here I was to a toilet-Slavery session, in the domina studio of Contessa Barbara Calucci, to fill with her a slave, with our delicacies! After we had brought the slaves into the slaves’ cellar, we both spit, first in his mouth and he had to swallow our snot. Then Contessa Calucci pooped and pissed the slave into his mouth. He had to swallow everything away, and then I pooped and pissed the slave into his mouth, too. Since some shit from me had not landed in the slave’s mouth, I pulled on latex gloves and fed the slave with my shit. We spit and spit on him, into his mouth smeared with shit. The slave had to then jerk his cock until he squirts while he ate shit! His own sperm, the slave had to swallow, too. Finally, he had to lick the floor clean!

Nanny Feeds Adult Baby With Her Own Shit! – Full Movie Hd Only

Her charge is already bugging her for food and she’s in panic mode because the house ran out of baby food. She decides to be resourceful and feed the brat something natural – her shit. She squats over the food bottle and unloads a steaming pile of shit for him to eat. She places the bottle on the baby’s mouth and makes him eat her shit.

Malaysia’s Logging Company!!

Malaysia is fast becoming a favorite Child of mine!! Each clip she sends me is a Certified Plop Classic!! This Sexy Thin Blasian Persuasion was up to her usual shit storm! Enjoy as she was bringing the wood ? dropping those big lumberjack turds she is now known for! As she only shits every 2-3 days, she packs a nice wallop in every scene!! Seemingly and endless supply of snakes, logs and phat nuggets falling out that cute ass of hers! Malaysia is a Must Watch for you fans of Big things coming out of Lilttle Women!!