Kaviar Accident

Mistress Adelina Femdom And Toilet Training!

As far as you concerned, my stupid slave, I will use you like a toilet wenever I want shit. If you think about resisting, even more disgrace is waiting for you and you will be punished. Just open your mouth, loser, and chew my shit, if I command you. Be executive, you’re just a toilet in this life. A dirty human toilet. I took a new toy – it’s a dick that will soon be in your shitty mouth. And I’ll shove all shit with this dick into your throat, fucking you mouth!


asty peeing all jeans, cumming naughty and pooping nice huge shit for you and smashing it in jeans!

Before I Go Outside

Before going out I take off my suit and shirt and wearing a pretty dress with high heels …. but …. miss my diaper ….. then … oh my god I lose my … p…. inside the diaper … but it’s too much for my diaper and all the p… is over my legs and over my carpet… well …. I’ll go out with my dirty diaper and all wet legs …