Kaviar Girl Eat

Mistress Annabelle – Toilet Pleasures – Hd Ver.

Today I’m peeing, spitting and shitting at the slave mouth. I uses a slave instead of a toilet. Now every time I wants at the toilet I will use him mouth. What a pleasure to serve me, my toilet. Eat all of my shit. I have a lot of shit for you.

Bisexual Party With My Toilet Slaves

Mistress have a great idea for this movie : she wanna use both of her toilets into a bisexual party orgie !! She will fuck one of her toilets with her strapon, then other slave will fuck him with his cock, while he will lick her pussy and make her cumm. And of course, Godess will use both mouths for filling them with piss and a Diarrhea . . . .Great party !!

Facesitting And Shit.

In this clip I was so constipated and made make my slave put his tongue in my asshole for provoke me to shit after a hard facesitting session.With my shit in his mouth, I sit directly in his neck, drowing him and making that he will have to swallow if he wants I let him free.He is about to vomit, but I don’t mind, he have to swallow EVERYTHING!

A Living Drain Swallows Snot And Piss

I used along with my girls Sweetbaby and Miss Jane a living drain as a spittoon and toilet. Depth of the sinuses, we drop the snot high and spit it right in his bowl he has in his mouth. Miss Jane and I had to pee between what we also infuse him, because he was already there * smile *. (Contains: golden shower and spitting)