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Honey Brown decided to do something different in this clip!! She was at home one day decided to Mix it up by Going back to her trusty bucket!! She was in such a hurry she kicked the bucket and got water all over the floor!!! She took no time in getting this big load out as she immediately released a pile in the bucket!! She had been holding it in to make this special pile for you and man was it a big one!! Enjoy as she she shows off her big load before cleaning her mess. SHe said her poop smelled like a Peppermint Patty!! lol

Mega Diarrhea! 2 Dominas, Fill 2 Slaves!

Here I have invited with my domina girlfriend Contessa Calucci, equal to 2 new toilet slaves. When the two slaves were there, they had to lay down directly on the ground and serve us as toilets. Since I had uncanny abdominal cramps and had to shit urgently. The slaves lay straight on the ground, there I shit the first, directly, a mega diarrhea-shit into his mouth as well as face. So that his whole face was covered with a huge pile of shit. Directly, this slave began to choke, because he was a beginner. My smeared with shit asshole, I pressed, the second slaves in the face. Then I pissed this slave also a huge load of piss into his mouth. Then Contessa, pooped the second slave, a fat shit-sausage, into his mouth. While she shit the slave into the mouth, she smoked a cigarette with pleasure. Also the second slave was a beginner and also choked. Then we fed the two, with a spoon, with our shit. The two slaves, choked to the bet when they had to eat our shit !! Lol

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Pretty Japanese Teen Playing With Her Turds

Pretty Japanese teen playing with her turds