Kaviar Thessome Sex

Pig On The Floor Part 2

Girls Uses Man

Dookie Thong

Description: Took my morning crap this morning turned backward on the toilet and some sh*t landed on my thong on the floor! Beautiful upclose shot of my shitty asshole followed by a shot of the poo on the thong.(GIF doesn’t represent quality of the video! Actual clip is HD 1080p)***DO NOT REPOST OR REDISTRIBUTE MY VIDEOS!!!***

My First Scat Video!!!

Hi guys! I’m Mystress T and I’m new to scat, as a matter of fact this is my first scat clip ever! Don’t you guys feel honored to be the first to watch me get dirty…anyways I start off by shitting in my panties, then I proceed to pull them down just a little so you can see the rest of my poo come out of my pretty little asshole. After pooping a big shit I then start to smear that stinky delicious poop all over my body…I know you wish you could lick my chocolate skin covered in chocolate 😉 Thanks for watching and look out for a whole lot more awesome clips! xoxo