Kelly Teal Farts

New!princess Mia

NEW!Princess Mia9/7/2018/Chocolate cake from Mia 🙂

Monica Shit & Pee In Potty

Monica at night wanted to shit and pee. I’m talking about that really want me to pee and heap, and I love my potty. You hear how I pee and shit. At the end of the show, showing you my ass and shit and piss in my potty.

Geneva’s Still Making A Mess!!

Not to be outdone, Geneva is making it clear she is the Funkiest Lady of them all!! This started out as a regular toilet trip, then midway through Geneva?s imagination kicked in, and things spiraled out of control!! There was shit everywhere!! She decided after a bout of constipation to try something new and shit in a bucket, only problem is she forgot how HORRIBLE her aim is!!! Shit was all over her floor, the toilet seat, her hands, just a complete fucking mess!! Just another dookey disaster from Geneva!!