Kinny Sleeping Shitting

Family S3cr3t (part 2)

“This smell. The smell of his cock. I can’t stop. I HAVE to suck. I’ll Polish his cock with his tongue. Then I will lick his dirty hole. Cum all over me. Cum on my face and in my mouth. Oh yeah. The taste is fabulous! I eat all your cum mixed with shit” Is the second part in which dirty Blowjob + a little bit of deep Blowjob + licking dirty ass husband + huge facial with sperm-shit play!) Enjoy!) And stay tuned i love you!)

Mistress Gaia – Pyramid Of Shit For The Slave

I do not like to be monotonous when I torture my slave: in addition to suffocate him with a plastic bag over his head and to sit down on his face, it’s fun to see him suffering while I torture his nipples or while I trample and whip him. But what better variant of suffocation may be filling his mouth with shit after having covered his face by shit? Look at this video: I cover the whole face of my slave with a huge pyramid of shit! Not only that, then I wrap again his head with the plastic bag and seal it with the packing tape! A video not to be missed absolutely!

Pov-to Much Soft And Thin Shit

I can not wait…..I must shitting,to much!! POV you can so good see my Rosette when the Shit comes!! He comes so much soft sausages and thin shit,a very large Portion!! Of it will show you up close!!

Shitgirl From Rome

Fantastic teenager pooping a BIG TURD in front of the camera in a hotelroom.