Kissing Shit Tongues

Mistress Roberta’ Breakfast Is Served -pov

Today your tasty breakfast is served and you will be happy to see that i pee alot so you wont be thirsty and i did a nice looking seeds shit creamy and tasty looking like the caviar of all shits so get on your kneese and drink and eat the tasty breakfast i did for you licking the shit slowly so you can have it for longer .

Schoolgirls Shit On Me And I Love It! – Part 2

They shit on a glass bowl and they make me eat it, which I did without protest. They bend over so I can lick the remaining shit off their perky butts.

Olga – The Blonde Piss Chick! – Mov

Olga is a blonde brat girl and she likes peeing! She sits down naked in the edge of her bathtub. There she spreads her pussy lips and allows you to watch her pissing a strong yellow ray of pee!

Mistress Gaia Ass Feet Shit

A triptych truly divine and absolutely wonderful: my feet, my ass and my shit. Kneel down and contemplate this spectacle of nature, fed it with the spirit, with the eyes and why not … even with the mouth!