Klara Smetanova Pisser

Pissing And Shitting In Pink Catsuit

Godess again alone in her bathroom. She got a pink seethrough catsuit to excite her while she pissing through it and shitting. She is ready again to prepare the daily meal for her toilet slaves. Through the crotchless catsuit she pissing into bathtub then shitting with face on camera. She empty her stomach so sexy for her members !

Berlin Scat Session

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Eating My Sis Shit

My sis has what I have always considered to be dark side. She is my older sis and I respect her. Over the years I have been introduced to her fetish. Her fetish is sharing the golden goodness from her insides. I am now tuned in. I like it too. This clip shows me eating my sis scat and over the years I have grown to love it!