Kureka Eats Shit

Toilet Slave Punishment P1 Hd Version

Three Scatqueens and a toilet slaughter combined with the desire of the three ladies to use and humiliate the slave. The Scatqueens want to hear him today as he moans and whip him hard. The slave groans and winds. But he’s totally horny because he knows the Scatqueens will soon use him as a human toilet and piss him in his slave mouth and shit. He is just a toiletsklave and has also soon his mouth full of piss and shit.

Drinking Diarheea And Pee With Foot Deep Inside Throat

a shorter movie than usually we do but so INTENSE !! Mistress didn’t have so much time, somebody was at her door and told me she is in a hurry and cannot keep her huge DIARHEEA in her so i must hurry up to prepare myself to become again her receptacle for her sweet DIARHEEA !! With mouth open wide, she fill it with pee, makes me drink it then deposited a huge amount of DIARHEEA in it. AFTER ALL, I AM JUST A MOUTH READY FOR HER, AND TO HUMILIATE ME MORE, SHE PUT HER NAKED FOOT INTO MY MOUTH DEEP TO BE SURE EVERYTHING WILL BE GOING IN MY STOMACH ASAP !!!

Mistress Gaia – A Perfect Spiral Of Shit

Look how with high precision I produce a perfect spiral of shit. It looks like a chocolate cream! Today I wear my favorite boots, I use them all the days: I think that you would like that I crush the shit with them, right? but you, then, you should lick the soles to clean them … eh eh eh

Accident Victim

Walking through the woods I hear cries for help. A guy is lying underneath a fallen tree and is not able to move much. So helpless at my mercy I cannot resist and torture him a bit? He must eat my shit, is pissed on and must eat dirt. In the end I did not call help for him at all ? it was his own fault. *laugh*