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Desperate Chiharu Unleashes A Torrent!

Chiharu’s lower belly felt so full, she feared that she was going to explode any minute. Her muscles were heaving and begging her to take a pee, but she was in detention and she couldn’t get out for fear of being punished some more. Pulling down her panties, she begged for time to stop as she lost all control. The smell of her pee hit her nose as the strong flow splashed on the floor, wetting her socks and are surrounding her desk. Chiharu has become a bad, bad girl. She was going to be punished by the Principal very soon.

She Is Pissing In A Small Pot

She is pissing in a small pot

Mistress Roberta – Shitting On The Slave’s Face In Leather Part 3

I do one more enema so i can clean good all the shit remaining in my ass and after i empty the enema of water i take all the shit pieces and put them in his mouth and after i take some and put it on his chest and he gets on all fours and i order him to slurp and drink all the shit liquid on the floor .

I Love Eating My Girl’s Scat! – Full Movie

Other guys resent their women for trying to boss them around but I ain’t one of them! I came home one day and there she was, ready to shit on my face. Who am I to refuse? I let her whip my body until my skin hurt then she commanded me to lie down and take what’s coming to me. Moments later, I felt smelly shit on my mouth. She made me eat her scat then she spit on my mouth for good measure.